11327_lores black man repariring home

African American Father Working on his Home

African American Father Working on his Home

Photos of African American families: While this African-American father was in the process of repairing an interior door frame inside his residence, his young son was playing with a toy car in an adjacent room.

When performing activities involving the preparation, or renovation of painted surfaces, one must be aware of the possibility that the paint might be lead-based, and appropriate precautions need to be taken, which will minimize the spread of paint chips and airborne particulates.

Depending upon the putty being used, different environmental safety protocols apply, however, in general, ventilation is usually a consideration, as well as personal protective apparel, i.e., goggles, respirator, gloves, etc., and in this case, child safety, if applicable. Reading the safety panel of the materiel containers, will dictate the appropriate precautions that need be followed.

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