To help keep our prices low on our photographs, we feature high quality sponosors such as LifeStation, the medical alert system which saves lives.

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A True Story

One of our friends at church went missing. When he returned, we asked him where he had been. He said he was in California taking care of his 94 year old father. He had fallen in the shower on a Thrsday and was not found until Saturday by his neighbors. For almost three days, our friend’s father was lying in a shower, with the water running on him. He was covered with sores and its a wonder he is still alive. He had been a very active man until this accident. But the pain and injuries didn’t have to happen. They could have been prevented with a styslem like Lifestation.

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Reasons to Choose Lifestation

There are many reasons to choose LifeStation Medical Alert System to insure your parents are safe while living alone.

  • LifeStation Has a UL-Listed Monitoring Center

  • The Medical Monitoring Center Used by Lifestation is in-house and not outsourced to a foreign country.

  • The Lifestation Monitoring Center Employees Have 6 Weeks of Classroom Training

  • Lifestation is Simple. Setup in Less Than 5 Minutes

  • Lifestation Pendants are Waterproof

  • Pay for Lifestation with a Month to Month Agreement

  • and much much more ….

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    With a company like Lifestation and their medical alert system and medical alert pendants, there is no reason why your parent should suffer a tragic fall and be stranded in their home alone for days. You have nothing to lose by requesting a free brochure today.